Julie Zuckerberg: A Corporate Titan In NYC

Julie Zuckerberg has achieved a great deal of success in a relatively short span of time. She currently serves as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. Before this, she has served in a wide variety of roles at companies such as New York Life and Citi. Zuckerberg is an inspiration to women across the USA interested in entering the competitive corporate world in one of the toughest cities on the planet: New York City. Indeed, Zuckerberg has spent her entire student and professional life in the “City That Never Sleeps.” Below, we’ll take a quick look at Zuckerberg’s educational and professional life.


Zuckerberg’s professional journey began at Brooklyn College. It was here that Zuckerberg earned her B.A. in Philosophy. After studying at Brooklyn College, Zuckerberg entered New York Law School where she studied to become a lawyer. The first job Zuckerberg got after she graduated from NY Law School was at Hudson. She served Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement from 2002 to 2007. During her time at Hudson, Zuckerberg had to recruit various attorneys, paralegals, and case managers. She also had to report critical salary, job, and promotion information to all prospective employees. Impressed with her work for Hudson, Citi Group offered Zuckerberg a high position in 2007. Zuckerberg agreed, and soon she held numerous roles at Citi’s New York headquarters. Zuckerberg worked as Citi’s Executive Recruiter, NA Professional, and Vice President from 2007 to 2013.


After six years working for Citi, Zuckerberg moved on to become an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President for New York Life Insurance. She served in this position, however, for only four months. Then, in 2014, Zuckerberg took on the responsibility of Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, and Vice President of Deutsche Bank’s New York office. Zuckerberg is currently in charge of coaching and counseling executive groups. On a few occasions, Zuckerberg also heads a few negotiations.


In addition to her professional work, Julie Zuckerberg has numerous causes she cares deeply about. Just a few of these causes include animal welfare, human rights, science and technology, and civil rights. On numerous occasions, Zuckerberg has told the press she believes the recruitment of the right people and the reduction in attrition are critical for producing successful business environments. She believes her work has had a great impact on all the distinguished companies she has worked for. Zuckerberg hopes that her work will inspire all young female professionals to study hard and always work toward their career goals.



The Mysteries of the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Center is a teaching and nonprofit organization established in the year 1922.Yehuda Ashlag became its first master and modernized it making it accessible. The Kabbalah has over fifty branches worldwide. The Kabbalah Center has a teaching staff who are multi-ethnic and of different nationalities that teach and guide their students worldwide. The center equips students with spiritual teachings based on the principle of kabbalist. The lessons taught at the center are then used by the students to improve their lives and in the process, make the world a better place. The primary purpose of the center was to try and acquire God’s secret knowledge that included the dark universe. Its teachings were initial oral and were taught to selected individuals and reserved for married men 40 years and above who were Jews law scholars.

The kabbalists feared that Jews people in their 20s and 30s would choose to learn straight from the kabbalist, so they were prohibited. Accessing written materials and manuscripts was hard, and the books were rear and expensive. However, there were those who believed the wisdom should be widely spread and moreover others shared the knowledge outside religion. The Kabbalah teachings were not women, children, and unlearned men.

The Kabbalah teaching became even stricter in the 18th century when the important kabbalist and the rabbis said all the written materials were only accessed under supervision. Not even the invention of the printing press that enabled the mass publication of books possible deterred the kabbalist. Many rabbis insisted on keeping their teachings in written form to prevent the material from being accessed by the unlearned or be misinterpreted. Some of the texts were coded worded to ensure only knowledgeable kabbalist could understand them.

In the recent years, the Kabbalah center started online classes so as to reach students who are not close to any of their learning centers.

Top wine vintners In The UK

With wine being such a tasteful commodity in certain regions of the world, one of the top wine vintners happens to be in the United Kingdom (UK). Not only is the best wine distribution and merchants in the UK, but they have some of the best duties and responsibilities to deal with as well. They’re considered to be the best in wine distribution, as well as the merchants, and the viticulturists whom are all part of the top wine vintners in the UK. UK vintners roles are to make and sell wine. The UK vintners and winemakers normally will work together; so will the merchants.

These are the people who study the grapes when they are in production. During the series of various stages of the grapes growth within the vineyards they are part of, its good to keep in contact with them as a merchant. After all, it’s these people who treat it as a science; because it is.

Some of the duties that viticulturists maintain and are responsible for is the monitoring of the grape vineyards for pests and diseases. It’s one huge responsibility. In fact, pests can cause diseases. Pests can access vineyards if viticulturists do not prevent them from overtaking them. By fertilizing and by proper irrigation, the monitoring of the vineyards and the various canopy management techniques are some ways to help prevent viticulturists from pests and diseases which can overthrow a vineyard’s production and healthy growth. Also, viticulturists have to monitor the fruit which is extremely important; likewise the harvesting and wine pruning around the winter time are some others.

Vineyard management processes
Part of the vineyard management process is the deep results of the characteristics of the grapes including the event of laboratory tests which are gradually overtaking the traditional methods of wine vineyard management and processes. There’s still a good amount of vineyard management methods that are done the old fashioned way. It’s a deep result of grape characteristics; this includes the following which is the basis of wine making. It also goes back to ensuring that there’s no disease characteristics within the wine vineyards.

– Monitoring the maturity of grapes to ensure their quality and to determine the correct time for harvesting them for ensuring the quality of the grapes.
– The pressing and crushing of the grapes once the grapes are ready; then the settling and monitoring of the juices and the grape’s fermentation.
– The wine’s filtering to remove the remaining of the solids and then testing for high quality taste of the wines.
– Wine is then placed into casks/tanks for it’s maturation and storage.
– Preparation plans for the wine bottling once matured; when wine is bottled, making sure that the wine is quality driven is what matters from here on out.

A brief overview of the UK Wine Industry
In the UK, a brief overview of the UK wine industry is the fact that wineries and companies who distribute the wines are in fact well managed as well as equipped for the process and techniques for today’s wine industry. Certain wine makers will be employed by certain wineries or companies who distribute wine. Wine companies will normally hire vintners since they are the ones that make the wine. Besides the viticulturists, the prices, the color and the taste are all too important for a wine maker. Therefore, it’s important to know who they are.
For the UK, the wine industry is considered one of the smaller wine producers in the European Union (EU), but, it does has one of the largest wine importers in the world.

Wine producers in the UK
The UK has more than 2,000 hectares with around 700 vineyards. There’s also about 130 wineries which produce more than 5 million bottles of internationally produced wines. These are, in fact, award winning wines. Because of the cool climate which provides the vines a gentle ripened vineyard, it’s also ideal for the long growing season. Here are some of the UK’s top wine vintners according to Wine Merchants magazine.

Distributors for UK vintners
– Bluebell Vineyard Estates
– Bolney Wine Estate
– Chalk Valley Quality English Sparkling Wine
– Brightwell Vineyard
– Camel Valley Vineyard
– Chapel Down
– Coates & Seely
– Denbies Wine Estate
– Digby Fine English
– Exton Park Vineyard

How to purchase wine from UK Vintners
Purchasing wines from UK vintners can be done online and through certain memberships. You can purchase wine from UK vintners, for instance, like certain websites that sell them such as in high street chain sites. Also, some supermarkets like John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Majestic Wine, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Nicolas, Oddbins, and some supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and ASDA.

Consequently, these places are known to have well established wines made by fine wine vintners from the UK. Finally, when you know what wine vintners do and what their main purpose is for the companies that distribute them, customers of wines will enjoy and appreciate them much better when they drink them with their favorite cuisine dishes.

Cotemar: Its History and the Services It Provides

Cotemar, founded in 1979 is currently one of the biggest names in the Mexican Petroleum Industry, specialized in maritime services, offshore maintenance, specialized ships, and petroleum services.

Since inception, the company has been experiencing a steady growth rate and has relied on its values when providing services to firms such as Petroleos Mexicanos, a company they assist with their offshore operations by utilizing their specialized ships.

In its years of operating, the company has placed a lot of importance to its values, which center around innovation, integrity, humility, and reliability. Cotemar as a business believes in the importance of acting in a manner that is ethical and honest, both within and outside the organization’s facilities. A lot of hard work goes into achieving results for the firm, the Cotemar’s community, and their people.


Services provided by Cotemar


  1. The team at Cotemar offers a host of services, which include modernization, construction, engineering, and maintenance. Cotemar maintains and restores oil rigs as well as processing centers. Additionally, they also run jobs such as prefab, commissioning service lines, and assembly.
  2. Cotemar provides maritime vessels as well as specialized ships. The accommodation capacity of the vessels provided by Cotemar is between 450 and 800 guests. All rigs provided by them can be transferred from one location to another, and this means that it is possible for the rigs to be transported to the areas that have a high demand for housing.
  3. Another important service provided by Cotemar is catering. The service is made available to both Cotemar employees, as well as the customers that are onboard the rig. They have the capacity to cook for more than 4,000 people at once.
  4. Recreation areas, such as TV rooms, basketball courts, and gyms, as well as other important social rooms, are also provided.

Cotemar provides its services in a manner that ensures that any person using their transport service at any one time will be comfortable for the entire time they will be onboard, regardless of whether they are working, or unwinding after a long day spent working.



Donald Scott NYC Razor Takeover

Long gone are the days straight razors are only being used for a good clean shave. The versatility of these razors now have stylists lining up to improve their skills and grow their client lists. Popular modern hairstyles are being accomplished with this old school technique and aren’t going away any time soon.


Texture is a well sought after look by both men and women. Adding a straight razor to the end of long hair can actually add bounce and body to curls, instead of a limp and frazzled look. If bangs are your thing, a straight razor will add just the right amount of body without weighing down your face. A well- practiced straight razor technique should blend perfectly.


Donald Scott NYC is well known for their straight razors and quality professional grade hair cutting tools. The DS/X4 is taking stylists to a higher level. Clean up work and the attention to detail you can gain from the DS/X4 makes it a secret weapon to be reckoned with.


Another amazing tool from Donald Scott NYC (https://twitter.com/donaldscottnyc) is the Chopstik Pro. This small but mighty tool is predicted to take the industry by storm. The design is pencil like and fits the hand just right. Used for carving out designs and really giving stylists the freedom and creativity that hasn’t been available before.


Donald Scott NYC products have taken a simple design such as the straight razor and supercharged it to the point of no return!





Securus Technologies Makes Final Corrections to GTL Inaccurate Statements

Securus Technologies is a correction company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm offers biometric analysis, inmate monitoring, and public information services to correction facilities. Most of the company’s services are geared to improving safety in prisons. The agency provides safety equipment and law enforcement policies. Securus biggest competitor is GTL. I found that the two companies disagreed on patent issues. GTL made a public press release insisting that Securus had infringed its patent. Following the argument, I found that Securus Technologies did not break any patents. I discovered that GTL is a company that wants to win the competition unfairly.


GTL released a press statement in June 2016 stating that Securus had infringed its rights. Securus came out clear a few days later to insist that the information provided by GTL was misleading and inaccurate. GTL had opted out to use its resources to fight Securus for unknown reasons. Securus Technologies came out to clarify the corrections made by the incorrect claims. Securus showed that it had not infringed any rights owned by GTL.


GTL had made an inaccurate claim when they stated that the innovations made by the company were patentable by the PTBA. It went ahead to state that Securus had used the innovations and thus infringed its patent rights. Securus Technologies came out indicating that the PTAB can not determine these patents. The patents are only approved or denied in a court of law. The company went to indicate further that Securus had used no innovations as put down by GTL. GTL has current plans to move to court. However, one can be assured that no jury is going to listen to claims made by GTL. The company has no evidence to support its claims. Securus CEO has been willing to take on a challenge with GTL.


Anthony Petrello: A Oilman Man With A Passion For Medical Research

Bermuda-based Nabors Industries Ltd’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Petrello, is a former attorney specializing in corporate taxes, holding a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. Known to his friends as Tony, Anthony Petrello has meticulous strategic planning skills; he was a math whiz during his undergraduate years at Yale. As Nabors serves as a contractor in major national and international oil and gas markets, Petrello must estimate the demand for the company’s services, which include drilling equipment and oilfield services on Bloomberg.com.

Petrello, who is originally from Newark, New Jersey, works at the company’s Houston, Texas offices on LinkedIn. When he left his position as managing partner at a New York law firm, he moved to Houston in 1991 to work join the Board of Directors at Nabors, taking over as Chairman of the Board in 2012. He and his wife, an actress in New York City, led very hectic lives. When their daughter arrived in 1997, born at just 24 weeks, she changed their priorities forever.

As a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital and a renowned philanthropist, Anthony Petrello, along with his wife Cynthia, is passionate about raising money for the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI). In 2011, their tireless work earned the couple the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service. The couple’s commitment stems from their daughter, Carena, who was born with periventricular leukomalacia, a neurological disease that is usually seen in premature infants who suffered from a lack of oxygen to their brains. Now age 17, and with cerebral palsy, Carena struggles with everyday tasks. Petrello views the NRI’s work as cuting edge on fuelfix.com, and he hopes that in the future, there will be hope for children like his daughter. As co-founders of the Petrello Family Foundation, The Petrellos also enjoy supporting the performing arts and education.

Reference: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

The Solution to Business Costs

Billy McFarland is an interesting individual within the business world, mainly due to his age and to the service that he’s providing. While Billy is only 23 years old he has offered to both the business and consumer market an interesting service in the form of a social group that focuses primarily on the distribution of a particular card.

This card is made of metal and is known as Magnises, an interesting small device that helps business entrepreneurs and entertainment minded individuals take advantage of discounted prices on activities and events.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland’s goal is to provide the ability for individuals to save a lot of money during business meetings, something that becomes very costly, especially depending on the number of things that you do and the types of activities that you are included in. Services such as concerts, bars, restaurants and other such meeting places could become very costly very quickly.

Deciding to delve deep into this type of business situation Billy McFarland took the plunge and made the risky decision to drop out of college in order to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. McFarland finally decided to form his own company and started releasing the idea of Magnises not too long ago. Already the company has seen quite a deal of success, especially in the business world where social group members can save a lot of money on discounted items.

The way the card operates is the same way as a credit card; being used to paid for services rendered. The card is linked directly to a member’s bank account, and whenever the card is used to make a purchase the discounted price is automatically deducted from the overall price of whatever the member is paying for.

The service was a big deal to the business world, as mentioned before, as it allows customers and social group members to save a great deal of money and in doing so being able to pretend many more social activities and business-related endeavors.

Securus Technologies Looks To The Future

Securus Technologies applauds their employees for becoming certified just recently. The BICSI Installer 1 Certification is issued by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, and is a high honor for these specialists. Securus Technologies is very proud of the achievement of 11 members of their team. It is important to note that Securus Technologies also acknowledges the fine work of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies leads the pack in their industry. They serve the public safety field with assisting the justice organizations. Securus Technologies uses fantastic creations in technology for corrections and monitoring on one million prisoners. Both the civil and criminal sides of justice use Securus Technologies for improvements in their entities. Securus Technologies will always appreciate what their employees do on a daily basis, and they recognize them in many ways.

BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International

At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, there is plenty of ingenuity taking place on a regular basis. With publications, training and certifications, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International operates in almost 100 countries. Taking pride in what they do, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is utilizing their knowledge for voice, safety and data services. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is looking forward to a great future in their industry.

Securus Technologies will continue their lead with their new inventions in technology. Making it a point to get the highest levels of work completed, they are interested in creating ways to make the world a safer place. Securus Technologies has cornered the market in North America, making the utmost at what they do. With Securus Technologies envision from the future, they will become even better known.

Understanding Spread Betting And Getting The Right Sports Betting Information

Betting has been around for a very long time. However, it has become more popular in the recent years due to the ability to place bets online rather than having to visit the betting outlet to place the bets in person. This newfound freedom has also enabled individuals to bet on various types of games across many countries regardless of time and locations. One of the most common sports betting is college football betting. This form of betting is common in the United States. However, betting enthusiasts outside the country can also bet on their favorite teams.
Although traditional betting in football covers only the traditional win-draw-lose options, more options have been added to provide betting enthusiasts with more ways to make money from the same games. These include betting on correct scores, spreads, fouls or even performance of specific players. Among these, spread betting is becoming more common. This type of betting comes in handy when one team is considerably stronger. It means an opportunity to win bigger from the same game. Covers.com is one of the best platforms where people can place bets on NCAAF odds, Football odds and College Football odds.
In spread betting, the bookers come up with a ‘line’ for the game. This line refers to the minimum margin by which a team will win or lose. If the number is negative, it means that one is betting on the strong team to win by the given margin while a positive number indicates the underdog will win by the said margin. The spreads have fractions called hooks, to avoid the results from tying and forcing a refund. For instance, if Team A is playing against Team B, betting on a spread of -13.5 means that team A will win by more than 13 points. A bet of +13.5 entails betting for team B to win by more than 13 points. In this case, A is the strong team while B is the underdog.
Getting the right information on a game is important for individuals interested in making substantial sums of money from sports betting. Covers.com is an ideal place for football betting enthusiasts to get reliable information on various teams regardless of their location. The site eliminates the need to watch hours of sports channels to get information such as scores, players’ information, head-to-head information between teams and much more. This makes the site ideal for anyone who has an interest in placing informed bets on College Football odds, NCAAF odds, or even Football odds. This information was originally mentioned on Covers as provided in the following link www.covers.com