Long gone are the days straight razors are only being used for a good clean shave. The versatility of these razors now have stylists lining up to improve their skills and grow their client lists. Popular modern hairstyles are being accomplished with this old school technique and aren’t going away any time soon.


Texture is a well sought after look by both men and women. Adding a straight razor to the end of long hair can actually add bounce and body to curls, instead of a limp and frazzled look. If bangs are your thing, a straight razor will add just the right amount of body without weighing down your face. A well- practiced straight razor technique should blend perfectly.


Donald Scott NYC is well known for their straight razors and quality professional grade hair cutting tools. The DS/X4 is taking stylists to a higher level. Clean up work and the attention to detail you can gain from the DS/X4 makes it a secret weapon to be reckoned with.


Another amazing tool from Donald Scott NYC (https://twitter.com/donaldscottnyc) is the Chopstik Pro. This small but mighty tool is predicted to take the industry by storm. The design is pencil like and fits the hand just right. Used for carving out designs and really giving stylists the freedom and creativity that hasn’t been available before.


Donald Scott NYC products have taken a simple design such as the straight razor and supercharged it to the point of no return!





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Nala Harold · July 24, 2017 at 10:28 am

Clean shave is too common now for a new start now many people see the hair style of leaving the beard grown for a time to mark a new beginning. So many ideas http://www.my-essayontime.com/essay_service/ but non might be the best hair style without considering the impact and the results. For a long time styling tools would have to go back to blade razor.

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