The Kabbalah Center is a teaching and nonprofit organization established in the year 1922.Yehuda Ashlag became its first master and modernized it making it accessible. The Kabbalah has over fifty branches worldwide. The Kabbalah Center has a teaching staff who are multi-ethnic and of different nationalities that teach and guide their students worldwide. The center equips students with spiritual teachings based on the principle of kabbalist. The lessons taught at the center are then used by the students to improve their lives and in the process, make the world a better place. The primary purpose of the center was to try and acquire God’s secret knowledge that included the dark universe. Its teachings were initial oral and were taught to selected individuals and reserved for married men 40 years and above who were Jews law scholars.

The kabbalists feared that Jews people in their 20s and 30s would choose to learn straight from the kabbalist, so they were prohibited. Accessing written materials and manuscripts was hard, and the books were rear and expensive. However, there were those who believed the wisdom should be widely spread and moreover others shared the knowledge outside religion. The Kabbalah teachings were not women, children, and unlearned men.

The Kabbalah teaching became even stricter in the 18th century when the important kabbalist and the rabbis said all the written materials were only accessed under supervision. Not even the invention of the printing press that enabled the mass publication of books possible deterred the kabbalist. Many rabbis insisted on keeping their teachings in written form to prevent the material from being accessed by the unlearned or be misinterpreted. Some of the texts were coded worded to ensure only knowledgeable kabbalist could understand them.

In the recent years, the Kabbalah center started online classes so as to reach students who are not close to any of their learning centers.

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Jazlynn Dylan · September 7, 2017 at 9:22 am

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