Brian Bonar has had a lot of shifts in his career and personal interests over the years and has put together a very long resume. Most of his work has been done through the Dalrada Financial Corporation and involves outsourcing both office equipment and administrative human resource services so that businesses can cut down operating costs and not have to worry about all the tax compliance codes.

But he’s also an expert in hardware and software development and implementing automated technology to streamline HR operations. He’s also sat on the boards of many business and non-profit groups in the San Diego area.

Brian Bonar is from Scotland and he first entered mechanical engineering while studying at James Watt Technical College. He then moved into business administration once he enrolled at Strathclyde University, and then he later completed his MBA at Staffordshire University.

The first 17 years of his professional career were spent at IBM UK where he helped procure important computer components such as motherboards and internal hardware for various clients.

He became a software engineering team director at QMS Inc in the early 1980s developing early enterprise software. From there he moved into the printing technology arena and worked with Adaptec and Rastek corporations and later started a subsidiary company Bezier Systems.

According to Market Watch, during this time Brian Bonar started seeing the potential to move from simply manufacturing printing hardware to offering full service support and even using the professional employer organization business model.

Not long after starting ITEC Imaging Technologies, Bonar partnered the firm with SourceOne Group and soon developed proprietary software and ongoing service, and then he turned the company into a full accounting, payroll and employee benefits merchant. In 2004 ITEC changed its name to the Dalrada Financial Corporation and in more recent years they acquired Smart-Tek automated technologies and change its name to Trucept Inc.

Brian Bonar’s restaurant business also happened within the last few years as he started seeing the potential for small cuisines to become major San Diego County attractions. One of his first interests was at Bellamy’s a small restaurant that had a delicious menu that Bonar believed could take off with the right management.

So Bonar called up Patrick Ponsaty, a friend of his whose won multiple cooking awards including the very highly sought after Master Chef of France honor. Ponsaty has turned Bellamy’s into one of the tastiest upscale restaurants in Escondido, and now he and Bonar are managing the Ranch at Bandy Canyon that Bonar has turned into a very attractive tourist center.

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Angela Zayden · December 4, 2017 at 7:21 pm

It is really some new views that would have shaped the life and business of Brian Bonar and I think I am really inspired by his life. The need in business demands assignments to be done to make sure that we are happy in the end in the businesses that we engage in and this is really of great interest. The experience can be really different for other people but in such instance making a good impression is one thing to learn from his endeavors.

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