Whitney Wolfe is becoming one of the most popular figures in the dating app industry. She is proving that she has what it takes to stand with her male counterparts and deliver something that is unique and different from all of the other dating apps that out there.

The dating app industry has become so monotonous that many people wondered if there was anything that could have been done to save it. Whitney Wolfe came on the scene with an interesting concept where women would be the ones that would make the first move. Whitney Wolfe wasn’t a hundred percent sure how this will play out among the young generation, but she knew that it would be a conversation topic that would arouse interest in singles. It would also be the catalyst to marketing her Bumble app that would expand into a Bumble networking and Bumble friendship app as well.

Whitney Wolfe has incorporated a lot of different things from various social media and dating apps to create the platform that Bumble currently has. She could have easily went solo and built another app similar to the one that she co-founded call Tinder. There are some elements in Bumble that are similar, but Whitney Wolfe did not pigeon hole herself into a box. She considered apps like Snapchat. She would also incorporate elements from Facebook. Whitney Wolfe would have to gain a broad sense of social media techniques that would allow her app to become divers. She wanted to gravitate and expand on a global level and this would take a lot of work. She would have to research the industry and actually see what singles were looking for. Wolfe would have to see what people were doing on networking sites like in an order to build her BumbleBiz for networking.

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