Oncotarget is one of the most popular medical journals in the world. Since it was established several years ago, the journal has managed to achieve a very high impact factor, especially in the research community. Oncotarget is published by an institution known as Impact Journals, and it was founded in the year 2010 by one of the most influential individuals in the medical field, Mikhail Blagosklonny. Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov also played a fundamental role in establishing the journal.

Mikhail and Andrei are professional scientists who are based at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The school is located in New York. The two doctors are the co-editors in chief at Oncotarget. When it was founded several years ago, the journal was focused in oncology. However, it has expanded its portfolio, and it is now accepting research papers that speak about multiple medical topics. Oncotarget now releases its issues every week. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny works as the senior professor at the prestigious Institute. The center mostly specializes in oncology. When he is not busy working at the school, Mikhail performs several clinical investigations concerning anticancer therapeutics, tumor suppressors, signal induction and other relevant topics. Mikhail has done well in researching rapamycin, a cancer drug that can extend life. Mikhail Blagoklonny has written several publications in his career, and they have done well. His research papers, reviews, and chapter have helped many medical students in the world.

Dr. Andre V. Gudkov is also a powerful force in cancer treatment. At the moment, he holds two top seats at the prestigious Institute. He is the vice president of basic science. Andre also serves as the chair of cell stress biology in the organization. The respected scientist focuses his research in DNA damage.

Since its foundation, Oncotarget has always had a mission to ensure that scientific research results are shared widely in an efficient manner. The respected journal has also done a lot to make sure that it breaks down the walls that exist in different medical disciplines. This has brought interdisciplinary discussion and a lot of collaborative scientific research in the medical field. Some of the published topics include cell biology, pharmacology, endocrinology, and cardiology.

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