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Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite is a private company, involved in healthcare. It helps identify healthcare leaders and then supplies capital, information, and network. Through this, they grow into profitability. During an interview, Jim was asked where he got the idea of Foresite from. In his answer, Jim disclosed that the idea came from more than 25 years of being an investment strategist and a healthcare entrepreneur. He spends his day, with his teammates on calls and also in meetings. Visit Foresite Capital’s Facebook page.

However, when it comes to priorities, his greatest priority is his family. He takes risks and would recommend everyone to try and take risks once in a while. From the interview; we get a clear understanding of what drives Jim. He is an academic and this helps him discover the best solutions that the field of science has to offer. Visit Jim’s LinkedIn for more info.

Professional Life

Prior to forming Foresite, Jim co-founded a lot of companies, which are now franchises in the healthcare. He was the co-founder of Geltex Pharmaceuticals by the time he was finishing business school. He later started Theravance which led to GSK. GSK is responsible for asthma drugs. He has been involved greatly in matters to do with finance since 1994, which led him to become a co-founder of Jazz Pharmaceuticals and HealtheonWebMD. He was also involved in Amerigroup where he was co-leading investor. Check out LinkedIn Forsite Capital for more details.

Jim’s long list of achievement is endless. He studied math and electrical engineering/computer science major at the University of Yale. Later, he got his MD and MBA from Harvard. He is not without friends in his field. He has mentors and collaborators, with whom he has taken this journey of success with.

Jim Tananbaum has also been a member of Midas List since 2015 to present. His dedication to his work is not only impressive but also inspiring. He believes that someday in future, we will all have our saliva and blood sequenced for disease prevention and treatment. This is a man to look out for and also keep up with in future due to his passion in his field. More details can be found on Crunchbase.


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Stella Holden · February 26, 2018 at 2:31 pm

I think that Jim has really made his name in the health care investment business and looking at some of the moves he has made goes to prove a lot. Also planning assignment can really help us in a whole lot of ways because it can always set us on the right course in the business world.

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