Sawyer Howitt, A Young Dedicated Project Manager

Meriwether Group is a business accelerator and trusted advisor firm. Entrepreneurs from iconic, disruptive consumer brands are their main clients. The firm is headed by a complementary team of financiers, lawyers, successful entrepreneurs, and executives from large corporations such as Nike and Adidas. Meriwether has a dynamic team that utilizes unique and effective techniques to attain the desired outcome in a significant and brand-centric way.

The mission of Meriwether Group is to assist entrepreneurs to fulfill their destiny. The mission is applied to the activities of the firm from mergers and acquisitions, brand development, distribution, and licensing. Meriwether offers various services to suit diverse clients’ needs. The firm offers a personalized approach to their customers which enable them to freely choose the services that will best suit their company’s requirements. The services are grouped into four main categories which include accelerators, capital partners, family office, and strategic options advisory.

Sawyer Howitt serves as the project manager at Meriwether Group. He works alongside with his father David Howitt, the CEO of Meriwether Group. Though he is very young, he understands the financial and operational requirements of a business. Sawyer is dedicated to his job and tackles any job assigned to him.

Sawyer Howitt became the project manager in 2017, and he has continued with the projects that aim to change the operations of commerce in the near future. He also focuses on projects that determine how business development will adapt with the advancing technological changes. Despite his role as the project manager, Sawyer is a devoted student. Sawyer Howitt is an active philanthropist. He champions for youth mentorship and fights for women rights. Sawyer plays a significant role in the international ethnic study group. He is a skilled photographer who captures the world’s natural beauty with the lens of a camera. He has exceptional skills in customer care, brand management, and financial services.

Groups that fight for human, civil and migrant rights


Several groups fight for human rights. These groups advocate for rights that include human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. These groups are many and are scattered all around the nation.

Below are some of them

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

The group leads the pack in California in advocating for immigrant families and individuals. The group acts as a representative following the realization of participation of free mobility in human rights involvement in democracy. Their primary goal is to make the society a better place for all, even for immigrants. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

Their motive is to build power and change the public opinion while changing policy for immigrant, full civil and human rights. The group was established in 1986 by the act of Immigration Reform and control act was implemented.

The law prohibited and made it illegal for anyone to hire undocumented workers. The law was seen as a recipe to continue infringing and abusing workers, mostly the immigrants.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch operates in the Amazon basin as it located in San Francisco. Working hand in hand with the indigenous groups and environment organization towards the advancement of indigenous’ people rights.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The project is committed to protecting the human rights and civil rights of immigrants. The move is made possible through outreach, advocacy, and litigation. Also, the project carries on the largest litigation program in the country through district courts and Supreme Court.

The main aim of the project is making immigrants aware of their human rights. Jim and Mike are worried about achieving equal justice for all and implementation for the guarantees of the Constitution. The result of the project is challenging the legality and humanity of laws that tend to infringe immigrants the rights to the judicial functions.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The advocates are front line to promote human rights in the world. They are representative of the progressive change both at the regional and at the global level.

They get support from partners, staff and partners to execute international standards of human rights while augmenting the law. They have been in existence for 30 years fighting for human rights and changing lives immigrants, women and children tremendously.

Lacey & Larkin Fund

The two co-founded the New Times Phoenix magazine. They are committed to funding institutions and organizations that fight for migrant rights around the Arizona region.

The two agreed to spend $3.75 million acquired from their settlement by the police to fund their project. They were arrested against the law in the middle of the night after publishing a story about the police.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

A Few Facts about Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is an American entrepreneur who specializes in multi-industry ventures. He’s own and managed some of the most renowned business in the tech industry, including NaviSite. Becket bought his first tech company in the early 2000s. He served as CEO of NaviSite up until its sale in 2011. The company sold to Time Warner Cable for more than $200 million.

A lot his business ventures happened early in his career. His interest in real estate traces back to his college days. While living in Vermont, he spent time at a Buddhist monastery. After finding his center, he began restoring old homes. That led to his current projects involving Sullivan Street townhouses.

In a report by The Real Deal, another early success was his macadamia nut farm. After moving to Los Angeles, a friend convinced him to invest in a Hawaiian nut farm. They planned to sell their nuts to a cookie company, Mrs. Fields. After a $4 million investment, they ended up selling their entire inventory for $10 million.

But, with great success comes great failure. Not all of his business ventures turned out well. Once, he invested in a company that produced Bnox, a specialized binocular brand. The binocular startup reminded him of his favorite toy as a child: those little toy soldiers with binoculars. Unfortunately, the public did not share the same interest and the startup failed.

Now that he’s a successful entrepreneur, Arthur Becker has focused on exploring other interests. One thing he has in common with other businesspeople is a love of collecting ancient artifacts. Becker collects ancient African currency. Sometimes that collection merges with his artistic expression. Check out

His love of art stems from his love of real estate. He’s decorated many of his buildings with his artwork. He mostly creates sculptures and painting, usually using money as a medium. He’s created origami from banknotes and created Jenga sculptures with gold bars.

In some of his artwork, he’s used crushed Magic 8 Balls. Arthur used to have one as a child and it inspired him artistically. To him, the ball represents decisions.

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The groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights and their roles

The known co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both have put much effort by funding the rights organization of the migrant In Arizona.

The settlement money that was put in their project arises from their arrest by Sherriff Joe. Out of their detention, they made approximately $3.75 million settlement money. The two were exercising their role as the journalists prior their arrest.

The primary factor that precipitated the arrest of the two was the reveal of the grand jury proceedings concerning the Sherriff. Lacey and Larkin took much of their career time stressing on matters in defence of their First Amendment rights. They sued the county on the move concerning their arrest in the United States Court of Appeals. After winning the case, they decided to fund various groups that were advocating for civil, human and migrant rights.

There are several groups set up to protect the rights of the migrants and citizens. The nuclear policy that drives these organization is to create sanity and calls for fair treatment to all people. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

This is the ambition that initiates equity in the society and increases the depth of fairness to all. The need for putting up these agencies is evidence by the vulnerability of the migrants in their residential countries.

NNIRR is one of the known organization across the globe that is fighting the migrant’s rights. The group has partnered with other agencies to create a better environment for the migrants. It helps them in negotiating the labor cost by erecting the labor movements to champion for their rights.

Moreover, the organization has put in place a real network that enhances them in exercising their roles as a unit. Through the funding by Lacey and Larkin, there are a lot of achievements in the sphere of the human race that have been recorded. This has also enabled the people who are affected by the services to speak in one voice to better their needs.

Another organization that is putting the right of the migrants at a vantage position is Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The agency was set up in response to the increase violation of migrant rights internationally. The main agenda of the group is to ensure that the migrants are given equal chances as other citizens.

Additionally, the agency is also fighting to end the border killings and racial discrimination. The organization works in close collaboration with non-profit agencies to eradicate the abuse and exploitation of the immigrants. Their substantial effort has sanitized the sphere of discrimination in U.S.

The American Civil Liberties Union is another group that is raising the flag human and migrant rights. This union works in defence of the liberties that are within the provision of the United States’ Constitution. The group provides the legal assistance in case the civil rights are compromised.

Another group that concentrates on achieving migrants and labor rights is Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, CHIRLA. The coalition was founded by Ford Foundation. The primary mission of the group is to impart migrants on their right with regards to Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

As a matter of fact, civil rights agencies for migrants are playing a critical role in bringing equality in the society. Their goals ensure the eradication of violation and discrimination and create equal chances for all.