Sawyer Howitt, A Young Dedicated Project Manager

Meriwether Group is a business accelerator and trusted advisor firm. Entrepreneurs from iconic, disruptive consumer brands are their main clients. The firm is headed by a complementary team of financiers, lawyers, successful entrepreneurs, and executives from large corporations such as Nike and Adidas. Meriwether has a dynamic team that utilizes unique and effective techniques to attain the desired outcome in a significant and brand-centric way.

The mission of Meriwether Group is to assist entrepreneurs to fulfill their destiny. The mission is applied to the activities of the firm from mergers and acquisitions, brand development, distribution, and licensing. Meriwether offers various services to suit diverse clients’ needs. The firm offers a personalized approach to their customers which enable them to freely choose the services that will best suit their company’s requirements. The services are grouped into four main categories which include accelerators, capital partners, family office, and strategic options advisory.

Sawyer Howitt serves as the project manager at Meriwether Group. He works alongside with his father David Howitt, the CEO of Meriwether Group. Though he is very young, he understands the financial and operational requirements of a business. Sawyer is dedicated to his job and tackles any job assigned to him.

Sawyer Howitt became the project manager in 2017, and he has continued with the projects that aim to change the operations of commerce in the near future. He also focuses on projects that determine how business development will adapt with the advancing technological changes. Despite his role as the project manager, Sawyer is a devoted student. Sawyer Howitt is an active philanthropist. He champions for youth mentorship and fights for women rights. Sawyer plays a significant role in the international ethnic study group. He is a skilled photographer who captures the world’s natural beauty with the lens of a camera. He has exceptional skills in customer care, brand management, and financial services.

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