Securus Technologies Keeping Pressure on Fugitives

If my team of officers is called in to hunt a dangerous fugitive, we put everything we have into that effort to make sure the residents of this city remain safe. We had a very troubling case on our hands this week, as a dangerous fugitive had already stabbed a couple he was robbing was still committing violent crimes. When we have a case where the fugitive has nothing to lose, we then utilize any resource possible to bring the case to a close.


The trouble we had right out of the gate was that no one was willing to step forward and help us with information. We drew a blank from friends, family, and even associates. This guy was so hated, his name struck fear into those who were actually working against him. If I have learned one thing in all my years of law enforcement, these guys have no honor and would turn on each other on a dime if possible.


In our local prison, Securus Technologies placed their new inmate call monitoring system, capable of listening to all calls and picking up unique chatter between inmates and the outside world. Instead of hoping one of the inmates would come forward with information that could crack this case, we decided to just let our presence in the jail do the work for us. These inmates knew immediately why my team was there, and they responded exactly like we hoped.


The Securus Technologies monitoring system is already helping officers in 2,600 jails around the country, and it was about to help us too. One inmate was on the phones in a panic telling his family that they needed to get the money owed from our suspect before the fugitive team took him down. We simply did surveillance on that family and when they tried to reach our fugitive, we took him down.


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