The artificial intelligence recommendation engine, aka the recommender systems, is considered a sophisticated and intelligent salesman in which similar items of the customers’ tastes and styles are presented to them when they visit the site again. For instance, if a customer shops at an e-tailer for a pendant with a birthstone, the next time that customer visits the site, other jewelry with the birthstone may appear to them as a recommendation. Thus, the term “recommendation engine”. This system will use algorithms that observe from past data. The data may be items liked, preferred, or bought previously by the customer. It also could be items bought, liked, or preferred by similar customers. These systems allow the filtering of vital information according to the customer’s observed behavior or expressed interest in an item. Based on the customer’s profile, this system can predict whether he/she would prefer an item or not.

The Worth of This System

AI recommendation engines are beneficial for businesses and customers. These systems will help ensure businesses will keep their customers satisfied. Even though times are changing, customers still appreciate recommendations. Especially when they look for a product at a huge company, such as Walmart or Amazon, that’s traditional or online, they can get lost and frustrated trying to find a preferred type of product among a seemingly endless sea of products. With the recommendation engine, similar preferred products are automatically presented to them. And thus, they will encounter a more pleasant and satisfying shopping experience to find what they are looking for right away. In these changing times that are very busy, the recommendation engine is extremely important for customers. The customers will be encouraged to remain a customer and will most likely recommend the company to others.

Other Good Qualities of Quality AI Recommendation Engines

Another aspect of a good recommendation engine system is that it would be able to continuously and flexibly learn and adapt the new user’s behavior. Also, a good one would be the ability to offer data real time. Some recommendation usage examples include the following: “Other Movies You May Enjoy” on Netflix, “People You May Know” on Facebook, “Jobs You May Be Interested In” on LinkedIn , “Customer who bought this item also bought …” on Amazon , “Visually Similar Images” on Google , “Recommended Videos” on YouTube , and “Best Route” on Waze .


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