Currently, the country is facing repeated incidents of hatred overcoming love. When it seems like good will win out over evil, something happens that throws the balance in evil’s favor. That’s what happened in the case of Lacey and Larkin vs. Joe Arpaio.

For decades, Lacey and Larkin have owned Phoenix New Times, a local paper they started after dropping out of college. Lacey started the paper with some friends, and Larkin joined after the paper became more than just a campus edition. Lacey served as chief editor, and Larkin focused on marketing.

Together, they became one of the most prominent papers in the country; renowned for their investigative reporting. One of the biggest stories they picked up was the corruption of Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio used to serve as Maricopa County’s sheriff but lost his job after going after Larkin, Lacey, and their paper. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Most media outlets in Arizona didn’t pay Arpaio any attention. Those that did quote him as being a benign character. Anyone of Hispanic descent would tell them otherwise. Sheriff Arpaio is outright racist and proud to be racist. The only thing he loved more than being a racist is having the power to be racist.

Being sheriff allowed him to rule over the county with absolute power. New Times wasn’t the first to try to tell the truth about Arpaio. Anytime one of the other news outlets tried to investigate him, he used his power to silence them. New Times didn’t go down so easily.

Eventually, Arpaio targeted the executives themselves. Since he couldn’t stop the paper from writing stories, he wanted to destroy the men that owned the paper. Facing hatred and vengeance is nothing new to Lacey and Larkin. They’ve stared down bullies before and Arpaio was no different.

He did go a step further than most and had them arrested in the middle of the night. After the rest of the country found out about Arpaio’s actions, they immediately demanded for Larkin and Lacey’s release. After being released, they told the full story and sued Maricopa County.

Even though they won the battle in court, they did not win the war. After being awarded a $3.75 million settlement, President Trump pardoned Arpaio. Despite all the evidence against him, the President thought he was worth being set free. Every racist in America agreed with that, meaning the nation just took ten steps backward.

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