The economy of Brazil is stronger than it has been in many years. Not only is the real estate market healthy, but many people are moving to the country. With all of the growth, the legal industry is going through multiple changes. Many lawyers have more work than they can handle.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most successful lawyers in the country. He built a successful legal practice by providing quality legal advice at an affordable price. He is an excellent example of how someone can create a thriving company in Brazil. Visit on his twitter to get the latest updates.

Becoming a Lawyer

Bruno wanted to attend college to have more career options. Although his parents worked hard, they never seemed to have extra money to invest. He went to college with the intention of earning a business degree. Once he took a few classes, he realized he did not enjoy working towards a business degree. He decided to attend law school instead. After many years of studying, Bruno Fagali graduated with a law degree. He immediately started working with a legal firm in his city.

Making a Move

Bruno Fagali gained valuable experience working his first job. He enjoyed interacting with clients, and he learned the financial side of the legal industry. He wanted to own his firm so he could work directly with clients. He started saving a large percentage of his salary to invest in his company.

After several years of diligent saving, Bruno was able to leave his job to focus on his business.


Owning his own business was more of a struggle than Bruno Fagali anticipated. The first few months were tough. He had no clients, and he spent most of his time advertising to people in his area. Over time, he was able to develop a robust client base. He now owns a thriving business that continues to grow each day. He is proud of his hard work, and he wants to continue developing the company in the coming years.

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