The human brain is a very complex and astonishing organ. While there is considerable research on the brain, there is more that researchers have yet to discover about this organ of the human body. The brain is an organ which is known for its quick recovery and flexibility is capable of providing individuals. The brain is the organ that provides thoughts, behavior and human emotions. See more information about Neurocore at

Research performed on the brain in areas such as neurofeedback and EEG technology have addressed areas which offer insight on the role of the human brain and the processes the brain undergoes which can enhance brain performance. Neurocore is a company which has used research findings to assist individuals with various mental health concerns such as ADHD, anxiety disorder, and depression.

Neurofeedback involves teaching self-regulation to the brain based upon utilizing electrical measurements of brain waves. Neurofeedback functions as a way of provided the brain with prizes. By training and adding some form of prize for the right thoughts, brain performance improves and brain activity that is not beneficial subsides. Neurotherapy or neurofeedback was first used in the late 1960s in research performed by Joe Kamiya published by Psychology Today.


Neurocore began using EEG technology to assist patients with epilepsy. This technology is now used to assist individuals with mental health issues and brain tumors. By attaching electrodes to the scalp of patients, staff is capable of evaluating the cerebellum for electrical activity. For more than a century, patients have received assistance through the use of the electroencephalogram (EEG) involves attaching electrodes to the scalp of patients. The EEG was first used on patients in research performed by Hans Berger.

Neurocore provides neurofeedback treatment for individuals with attention disorders, At the treatment centers around the United States, individuals watch a movie in the treatment room that plays when the brain is at the appropriate electrical balance. Dr. Tim Royer , a Neuropsychologist founded Neurocore in 2004. Neurofeedback is a brief treatment which has produced success in patients. Three fourths of Neurocore patients reported that they have lowered or eliminated their medications after receiving neurofeedback treatments. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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