The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan has been seen as a leader who effectively ended the Soviet Union’s stranglehold on Eastern Europe, brought a decade of great economic optimism and really brought back a lot of pride in America. Though he has passed away, his legacy is still greatly revered and is now being honored no in a platinum coin.

This 0.9995 fine platinum 1 oz. coin is being offered through limited purchases at US Reserve, a leading gold coins and bullion company. It is quite a work of art and shows the former president flanked by the American flag while looking forward on the coin instead of to the side.

On the reverse is Queen Elizabeth II who was added to the coin because of the UK’s strong relationship to the US and because she once knighted Reagan, although he cannot use the name “Sir” since he is not from the UK. US Money Reserve only offers this coin to a select few of its customers. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

Even those who aren’t able to buy the exclusive Ronald Reagan coin can see many more authentic gold and silver coins if they shop US Money Reserve’s website. Over the 18 years they’ve been a company they have made educating the public on the importance of owning gold and silver coins a priority.

Owning these coins isn’t just for collectors and hobbyists. If you own gold and silver bullion, you own an asset that will be able to withstand major economic hardships, and historically when the stock market has gone in a recession gold and silver have gone up.

Buying gold and silver is not without its own risks and may or may not be for you, but US Money Reserve has a great return policy for those who change their mind about owning it. The company also has been reviewed by various consumer protection agencies and has verified product delivery to its customers.

Their website was recently redesigned to showcase gold bullion photos on a mobile-friendly program, include more information about the price of it and even to include information about their self-directed gold IRA program.

Also featured in an introductory to the free gold kit is Philip N. Diehl, the 35th US Mint Director who since joining US Reserve has helped the company uphold a great reputation and put out more tips to customers on how gold can benefit them. If you’re interested in buying from the company, you can go to to their shop, and if you need any assistance you’ll find it on their Client-Connect Advantage app.

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