Cotemar is Leading the Mexican Petroleum Market to New Grounds

In Mexico, there is a very prominent company that is leading the Petroleum market in the country, and its name is “Cotemar C.V.” or Cotemar for short.

Cotemar was founded in 1979 when the Petroleum race was already reaching its strongest peak in the 20th century. The industry, however, was just beginning in the Mexican territory, and Cotemar was one of the primary industries to develop this market for the Mexican community, which is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most prestigious corporations in that nation.


The oil and gas sector is the company’s specialization, and they are leading in many fields apart from just the Petroleum service. Cotemar, against what is commonly thought about the company, is already acting internationally, being a multinational Petroleum extractor and provider for the industry of Mexico by operating in different parts of the coast.


Being one of the biggest corporations in Mexico and America in a whole, they are also one of the best places to work with if you want to specialize in sectors available inside their industry. Recently, they had job offers open for “coordinator of structures” and “supervisor of production,” and these are just two examples of weekly job posts in their Linkedin page, the primary source of recruitment for the company. In the last month, for instance, they had one of their best available job positions open for recruitment, the “supervisor of operations in the exterior market,” which is a well-paying and renowned position in the company with chances of traveling abroad for the enterprise.


Even if there isn’t a job opening available today that suits your desires, the company encourages people in the vicinity who want to work with Cotemar to send their CV to their recruitment team in case a job offer that would benefit from your skills opens in the future.


Apart from being leading the Petroleum market, they are also powerful in the Maritime field as developers of equipment and ships for all sorts of activities, but mainly ships for the extraction of oil and operations that improve this side of the industry. They offer maintenance for the equipment and machinery in the process of Petroleum extraction and are also developers of some of their own machines that they use to extract and explore the coast of the Mexican territory.


The primary philosophy of Cotemar is to innovate and use the latest technologies to bring Mexico to the list of the top extractors in the Petroleum industry. One of their major differentials is that they provide alimentation and hospitality for their workers and clients, something that is not só widely seen in other companies.




Cotemar: Its History and the Services It Provides

Cotemar, founded in 1979 is currently one of the biggest names in the Mexican Petroleum Industry, specialized in maritime services, offshore maintenance, specialized ships, and petroleum services.

Since inception, the company has been experiencing a steady growth rate and has relied on its values when providing services to firms such as Petroleos Mexicanos, a company they assist with their offshore operations by utilizing their specialized ships.

In its years of operating, the company has placed a lot of importance to its values, which center around innovation, integrity, humility, and reliability. Cotemar as a business believes in the importance of acting in a manner that is ethical and honest, both within and outside the organization’s facilities. A lot of hard work goes into achieving results for the firm, the Cotemar’s community, and their people.


Services provided by Cotemar


  1. The team at Cotemar offers a host of services, which include modernization, construction, engineering, and maintenance. Cotemar maintains and restores oil rigs as well as processing centers. Additionally, they also run jobs such as prefab, commissioning service lines, and assembly.
  2. Cotemar provides maritime vessels as well as specialized ships. The accommodation capacity of the vessels provided by Cotemar is between 450 and 800 guests. All rigs provided by them can be transferred from one location to another, and this means that it is possible for the rigs to be transported to the areas that have a high demand for housing.
  3. Another important service provided by Cotemar is catering. The service is made available to both Cotemar employees, as well as the customers that are onboard the rig. They have the capacity to cook for more than 4,000 people at once.
  4. Recreation areas, such as TV rooms, basketball courts, and gyms, as well as other important social rooms, are also provided.

Cotemar provides its services in a manner that ensures that any person using their transport service at any one time will be comfortable for the entire time they will be onboard, regardless of whether they are working, or unwinding after a long day spent working.