A Few Facts about Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is an American entrepreneur who specializes in multi-industry ventures. He’s own and managed some of the most renowned business in the tech industry, including NaviSite. Becket bought his first tech company in the early 2000s. He served as CEO of NaviSite up until its sale in 2011. The company sold to Time Warner Cable for more than $200 million.

A lot his business ventures happened early in his career. His interest in real estate traces back to his college days. While living in Vermont, he spent time at a Buddhist monastery. After finding his center, he began restoring old homes. That led to his current projects involving Sullivan Street townhouses.

In a report by The Real Deal, another early success was his macadamia nut farm. After moving to Los Angeles, a friend convinced him to invest in a Hawaiian nut farm. They planned to sell their nuts to a cookie company, Mrs. Fields. After a $4 million investment, they ended up selling their entire inventory for $10 million.

But, with great success comes great failure. Not all of his business ventures turned out well. Once, he invested in a company that produced Bnox, a specialized binocular brand. The binocular startup reminded him of his favorite toy as a child: those little toy soldiers with binoculars. Unfortunately, the public did not share the same interest and the startup failed.

Now that he’s a successful entrepreneur, Arthur Becker has focused on exploring other interests. One thing he has in common with other businesspeople is a love of collecting ancient artifacts. Becker collects ancient African currency. Sometimes that collection merges with his artistic expression. Check out angel.co

His love of art stems from his love of real estate. He’s decorated many of his buildings with his artwork. He mostly creates sculptures and painting, usually using money as a medium. He’s created origami from banknotes and created Jenga sculptures with gold bars.

In some of his artwork, he’s used crushed Magic 8 Balls. Arthur used to have one as a child and it inspired him artistically. To him, the ball represents decisions.

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Jason Halpern Consistently Developing Luxury

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

When it comes to the world of real estate development, perhaps no one is quite as known as Jason Halpern. His projects big and small have gained him national recognition as one of the most influential real estate developers of the modern era. Having been the successor in a long line of family members to his family business, Jason has been capable to contribute a sense of attention to detail that others simply have not been skillful to highly and execute. Having founded JMH development, Jason has since gone on to work towards forwarding his name into a constant state of recognition, thus allowing those who are actively involved in real estate development to peak their interest in the projects and work Halpern is currently underway completing.

JMH and Deep Involvement

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

Jason Halpern has set up JMH to be thoroughly involved with the process of developing, thus making sure that consumers get the services they need from point one all the way until the project itself is completed. Having a business that consults to an incredible degree with its employees, has been one of the keystones for JMH’s constant and rapid success as a development business. The core operating philosophy at JMH is to maintain an integrity that adheres towards a piece of real estate’s historic properties thus operating with historic preservation as a mindset. JMH does not like to take communities or social culture out of a property or piece of land but rather maintain the overall integrity and idea of the property being developed.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

While JMH continues to be the brain project of Jason, he also continues to run the overall family real estate business. Having been schooled deep into the art of real estate at such a young age, Jason has been able to harness principles he otherwise would not have considered using, in order to provide some of the best possible services in the real estate market. Jason’s work has allowed him to focus almost exclusively in the real estate market as a developer and provide services that are simply second to none.

Luxury Design and style

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Luxury properties are at the core of what Jason Halpern continues to develop. Luxury has always been the chief motivator in Jason’s life, allowing him to take on tasks he would otherwise never have dreamed of conquering. Having a keen eye for sophistication has constantly allowed Halpern to be able to turn around properties that have been regularly left in the dark ages, thus elevating himself to be one of the greatest living real estate developers. Jason’s work continues to permeate society to this day as he continues to apply progressive thoughts and logic towards the way he approaches his business practices, as a result allowing Helpern to develop in the most efficient fashion possible.