Betsy DeVos: Helping Parents Send Their Children to the Schools They Choose

For over twenty-five years, Betsy DeVos has dedicated her work and philanthropy efforts to helping parents send their children to the school of their choice. A lifelong resident of Michigan, her passion for education dates back to her experiences with her mother, a public school teacher, and it continued to grow in the eighties, when she began sending her own children to school. She began volunteering at Potter’s House Christian School, which serves many low-income families in Grand Rapids. She supported Potter’s House for 15 years as an in-school mentor. Meanwhile, her involvement in politics began when she was a student senator while attending Calvin College. During that time she also volunteered for Gerald Ford during his 1976 presidential campaign. By 1992, she was serving on the Republican National Committee. With her political experience and commitment to education, she helped ensure the successful passage of Michigan’s first charter-school bill in 1993. That was a major victory, and more successful efforts to extend school-choice to all parents followed.


Betsy DeVos has said that she is driven by her realization that she was very lucky to send her children to the school she chose; she says it’s only fair that all American parents should have the same right. The foundation that she and her husband founded together, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, has supported a variety of worthy causes, including a scholarship program that allowed low-income families to decide where their children would attend school. As chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos supported the push to amend Michigan’s constitution to allow tax-credit scholarships and vouchers to help expand school choice. That effort didn’t succeed, and she turned her attention instead to the rapid expansion of charter-schools in Michigan. The expansion has been popular and successful, and the success has been credited to the advocacy of the Great Lakes Education Project, an organization that DeVos founded. Her husband, Dick DeVos, has even started an aviation charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy. On the national stage, DeVos has chaired two major school-choice advocacy groups, the Alliance for School Choice, and the American Federation for Children. Through these groups, DeVos was involved in the passage of major education reform in Louisiana and Indiana that could benefit up to one million students per year.

In addition to her school-choice advocacy, DeVos has founded the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, which provides training for managers who run arts organizations. Her interest in the arts also led her to serve on the board ArtPrize, an annual international art competition founded by one of her children. In 1989, she and her husband also founded the Windquest Group, an entrepreneurial firm that has successfully developed sustainable technology. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Meet Betsy DeVos: A Christian Lady With The Biggest Heart Ever!

Betsy DeVos was always a reformist rebel, and, probably always ever will be. Her activism days began when she was still an undergraduate major at the Calvin College in Michigan, USA. Having been born with a silver spoon did little to filter her from the what was amiss in the wider world. Betsy was just a twenty-something-year-old by then, but, the passion and the fire that burned within her were more than enough to keep her focused on what really mattered, for the rest of her life.

What Matters to Billionaires in 2017

Betsy has dedicated her life to the pursuit of quality education for all Americans, rich, poor and in between. Betsy’s reformist agenda seeks to introduce radical reforms and overhauls in private educational system in the states. The problem is that the government had thus far diverted all tax breaks and financing programs to the public learning institutions and that is what didn’t auger well with Betsy DeVos and the rest of her Michigan elite who prided themselves in above all else, as people who made a positive difference. Using their wealth and power to make a positive difference lasting a thousand years and more has been what aches this billionaire, day and night. Giving back has a rewarding feeling no kind of political post, car, home, plane or lifestyle will ever get close to matching among the really wealthy of our days. Check her website for more info at

Amounts Contributed To-Date

With all due honesty, the nation doesn’t give nearly enough credit to the DeVos and all that they’ve done to the educational system of this mighty nation. Betsy Devos is an heiress to wealth that would make any ordinary person flinch but despite all that privilege she decided to focus her energy, attention, and wealth towards implementing the nation’s first ever pro-charter school reformist clause in her home state, Michigan. She has spent at least seven years actively running the tea party headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The lady is respected for her hard-lying political and reformist agenda which has seen her and the extended DeVoses entourage dole out a massive fortune estimated at $1.2 billion dollars.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy has now been married to Dick DeVos for a sum total of 30 years and by the way, the couples are always appearing in the mainstream media, their marriage is forever. Together, the power couple has sired four children and the number of grandkids bearing the name of the 11th Secretary of Education for the United States, Betsy DeVos continues to rise. After all, What would you expect, the woman is a lady of faith and she is devoted to the Catholic religion and together with the President, they are destined to forever redefine the ailing American education and political arena, whether Hillary Clinton, the media and all the Democrats like it or not. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Julie Zuckerberg: A Corporate Titan In NYC

Julie Zuckerberg has achieved a great deal of success in a relatively short span of time. She currently serves as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. Before this, she has served in a wide variety of roles at companies such as New York Life and Citi. Zuckerberg is an inspiration to women across the USA interested in entering the competitive corporate world in one of the toughest cities on the planet: New York City. Indeed, Zuckerberg has spent her entire student and professional life in the “City That Never Sleeps.” Below, we’ll take a quick look at Zuckerberg’s educational and professional life.


Zuckerberg’s professional journey began at Brooklyn College. It was here that Zuckerberg earned her B.A. in Philosophy. After studying at Brooklyn College, Zuckerberg entered New York Law School where she studied to become a lawyer. The first job Zuckerberg got after she graduated from NY Law School was at Hudson. She served Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement from 2002 to 2007. During her time at Hudson, Zuckerberg had to recruit various attorneys, paralegals, and case managers. She also had to report critical salary, job, and promotion information to all prospective employees. Impressed with her work for Hudson, Citi Group offered Zuckerberg a high position in 2007. Zuckerberg agreed, and soon she held numerous roles at Citi’s New York headquarters. Zuckerberg worked as Citi’s Executive Recruiter, NA Professional, and Vice President from 2007 to 2013.


After six years working for Citi, Zuckerberg moved on to become an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President for New York Life Insurance. She served in this position, however, for only four months. Then, in 2014, Zuckerberg took on the responsibility of Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, and Vice President of Deutsche Bank’s New York office. Zuckerberg is currently in charge of coaching and counseling executive groups. On a few occasions, Zuckerberg also heads a few negotiations.


In addition to her professional work, Julie Zuckerberg has numerous causes she cares deeply about. Just a few of these causes include animal welfare, human rights, science and technology, and civil rights. On numerous occasions, Zuckerberg has told the press she believes the recruitment of the right people and the reduction in attrition are critical for producing successful business environments. She believes her work has had a great impact on all the distinguished companies she has worked for. Zuckerberg hopes that her work will inspire all young female professionals to study hard and always work toward their career goals.



Malini Saba, an Inspiration to all Women

Most commonly, this kind of attitude is found among women in the developing countries. I do not blame them because the culture and environment in which they have been brought up are such as to accustom them to the mindset that they are not capable of doing certain things. It is this culture that causes parents in some countries especially Africa to marry off their daughters at young ages while preferring to educate sons.

The life of Malini Saba presents an inspiration to all women that they can also invest successfully just like men and that they can become philanthropists instead of sitting back and waiting to benefit from philanthropic activities of men. A self-made success; Malini is more than passionate about helping other women to achieve success in their lives also. She was born in Sri Lanka, lived in Malaysia up to the age of 19 years when she moved to the United States with just $200 in her pocket. She lived with her former husband in a humble apartment close to a railway line, and any time a truck passed along, the whole apartment would be left shaking.

Despite the poor living conditions, she remained focused, taking advantage of every opportunity that life presented. For instance, as a spouse of a student at Stanford, she would often attend lectures, particularly when investment matters were being discussed. It is out of the knowledge that she gained here that she was able to start investing successfully. Currently, Saba is the chairperson of Saban, a company that she founded and currently holds significant investment interests in various countries such as the US, China, India and Australia. The company’s investment portfolios range from real estate, technology to oil and gas.

In addition to her successful businesses, Malini is a leading female philanthropist of all times. In 2001, she founded a not for profit organization called Stree that aims to change the self-perception among women from low-income families by enabling them to access health care, education and legal assistance. It will be remembered that in 2004 when Malini visited the Tsunami affected areas of India and Sri Lanka, she promised to donate $10M to support the victim. The following year, she donated $1M to establish the first heart research center in South Asia. Surely, Malini Saba is one of the leading investors and philanthropist born in South Asia.