Arthur Becker Proves Hard Work Pays Off

Arthur Becker first began his rise into high esteem when he took his very first steps onto the campus of the Bennington College where he attended from the year 1969 onwards till that of 1972 when he graduated and received his Bachelors degree, before going on to study business at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth from the year of 1973 till a year later in 1974 when he left the institution to start up his professional career as the Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Member over NaviSite where he stayed for eight exciting years from the February of 2002 through till the August of 2010, more info can be found on his Linked In page. At the same time while working at NaviSite, Arthur Becker also made it as a spot on the team at the Madison Technology Group LLC in the January of 2001 as the company’s Managing Director. Still currently happily engaged in his important position as the Managing Director over the Madison Technology Group LLC, Arthur Becker also has made himself a distinguished, vital part of the teams that make up both Atlantic Investors, LLC, as well as the Zinio LLC, working as the Managing Member over the Atlantic Investors LLC, while standing as two positions for the Zinio LLC including that of the company’s Chief Executive Officer as well as being their Chairman. Living out his personal and professional lives both in the great place of New York, New York, Arthur Becker has devoted much of his life to his work, always looking to learn more in his field and take the best care of his clients as humanly possible due to his strong convictions to maintaining the proper representation of the personal needs and desires of those who choose to request his skilled genius. Primarily known for his exceptional work in the investment firm which he dedicates much of his time to, Arthur Becker has managed to build up his coworkers, clients, and himself into people with unstoppable pride and passion in who they are as well as what they go on to do in their business and personal lives.

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EOS Lip Balm – Innovative And Effective Lip Balm That’s Meant Especially For Women

EOS Lip Balm is one of the most loved lip care product in the market today and offers users with a broad range of flavors to choose from, starting from strawberry to mint and from grapefruit to honeydew. EOS Lip Balm is one of the most sold lip balms in the country today and sells over a million units each week, and the growth trend continues for the company, which is still relatively new compared to its competition.

One of the reasons why EOS or Evolution of Smooth is doing so well is because the oral lip care market hasn’t seen much innovation in the past few decades. The consumers of lip care products were probably bored of the same old Chapstick products that were stocked in just about every departmental store. As soon as the EOS Lip Balm was introduced, it created a storm in the lip care segment and the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart and Target got washed out in just a couple of weeks of its launch. Also see, And, the trend continues till date whenever the company launches its new flavor in the market.

The managing director and co-founder of the lip balm compnay, Sanjiv Mehra, said in an interview that EOS deliberately didn’t focus much on sharing information about the company or its marketing strategy for long for a reason. It is because the founders and the company as a whole were committed to putting all its effort into building a product that is different, unique and sustainable. Sanjiv added that the company did extensive research before creating the lip balm that we know of today because EOS didn’t want to build something that looked like an add-on to what is already available on the market. EOS today is featured on Facebook and other social media platforms, in many fashion and cosmetic magazines and is used by famous celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera.

Brian Bonar’s Long List Of Businesses In Finance, Engineering And Restaurant Startups

Brian Bonar has had a lot of shifts in his career and personal interests over the years and has put together a very long resume. Most of his work has been done through the Dalrada Financial Corporation and involves outsourcing both office equipment and administrative human resource services so that businesses can cut down operating costs and not have to worry about all the tax compliance codes.

But he’s also an expert in hardware and software development and implementing automated technology to streamline HR operations. He’s also sat on the boards of many business and non-profit groups in the San Diego area.

Brian Bonar is from Scotland and he first entered mechanical engineering while studying at James Watt Technical College. He then moved into business administration once he enrolled at Strathclyde University, and then he later completed his MBA at Staffordshire University.

The first 17 years of his professional career were spent at IBM UK where he helped procure important computer components such as motherboards and internal hardware for various clients.

He became a software engineering team director at QMS Inc in the early 1980s developing early enterprise software. From there he moved into the printing technology arena and worked with Adaptec and Rastek corporations and later started a subsidiary company Bezier Systems.

According to Market Watch, during this time Brian Bonar started seeing the potential to move from simply manufacturing printing hardware to offering full service support and even using the professional employer organization business model.

Not long after starting ITEC Imaging Technologies, Bonar partnered the firm with SourceOne Group and soon developed proprietary software and ongoing service, and then he turned the company into a full accounting, payroll and employee benefits merchant. In 2004 ITEC changed its name to the Dalrada Financial Corporation and in more recent years they acquired Smart-Tek automated technologies and change its name to Trucept Inc.

Brian Bonar’s restaurant business also happened within the last few years as he started seeing the potential for small cuisines to become major San Diego County attractions. One of his first interests was at Bellamy’s a small restaurant that had a delicious menu that Bonar believed could take off with the right management.

So Bonar called up Patrick Ponsaty, a friend of his whose won multiple cooking awards including the very highly sought after Master Chef of France honor. Ponsaty has turned Bellamy’s into one of the tastiest upscale restaurants in Escondido, and now he and Bonar are managing the Ranch at Bandy Canyon that Bonar has turned into a very attractive tourist center.

Lori Senecal Is Known For Her Leadership Abilities

Lori Senecal has been appointed as the Global CEO of CP+B. Now she will be responsible for the growth and expansion of the company globally. She will also be managing the eight international offices of the company and looking after their coordination as well as development. She is a thought leader as well as a management specialist.

Senecal has always interested in embracing technology along with innovation on a global scale. She will continue this trait in order to provide worldwide momentum to this company, which recently won the global creative account of Infiniti.

Lori Senecal has expressed her delight for working with Chuck Porter as well as the leadership team of CP+B. She will be playing a major role in managing the global growth of this agency. This will be achieved by working along with the exceptional talent that works here across various offices.

Lori Senecal has been known to develop strategic partnerships during her career. This has helped to accelerate the global growth of her agency. She is able to create new business divisions making use of cutting-edge technologies. Lori Senecal has been known to lead numerous blue chip accounts that include Coca-Cola and Nestle, in addition to BMW. She has been the CEO of the MDC Partners network according to In fact, she will still retain this post while she is with CP+B.

Previously, Lori Senecal was the global head of kbs+. She was able to transform this agency from being a domestic agency employing 250 persons to becoming a highly creative, global firm employing over 900 persons. It became an innovative agency having business units focusing on technology, the creation of start-ups and their investment in addition to content creation.

Prior to working with kbs+, Lori Senecal was the President of McCann-Erickson Worldwide. She was looking after its flagship office in New York. She was holding the top leadership positions in strategic planning, besides innovation along with account leadership.

Lori Senecal was appointed to the board of MDC Partners in 2014. In the same year, she was named a Woman to Watch. This was by Ad Week. Lori Senecal has won several honors for her professional achievements. She was awarded at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Here she won the Quantum Leap Award which was in the field of leadership and innovation. She is known to share high values and passion for this industry. She has extraordinary management experience as well as expertise.

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Top Most Beneficiaries of Equities First

One of the lending giants in the world, Equities First provides alternative loaning services at a time when getting a bank loan is not easy. In the midst of this financial crisis, the world has transformed into a place where individuals and business can get quick and easy working capital. As demonstrated by the originator, Al Christy, the organization has ensured some essential measures to help its clients get snappy working capital in a financial crisis. Subsequently, the services in like manner have witnessed more footing as far as margin loans and stock-based advances are concerned. Nobody can deny that the globe is in a fiscal crisis. For example, the United States is impacted by the 2008 crisis with the condition deteriorating after the exit of Britain from the European Union.

In the midst of a fiscal crisis, there is market instability of stocks. Even though, the stock-based loans reliably create a hedge between your challenge and your business need. In this manner, Equities First Holdings has been committed to offer workable lending services at this era of economic hardship when bank loans come with high interests. In reality, traditional lenders have in like manner extended financing expenses to constrain their customers from searching for the credits being a way of moderating the effect of the crisis. While this is the circumstance with the credit-based services, Equities First offers stock loans to organizations and high-net worth individuals who find it hard to secure bank loans and more information contact him.

The stock-based loans are featured by non-recourse characteristics that allow borrowers to separate their association with the company. Borrowers are not conditioned to pay loans and those who do so get the full deposit of their entire stock security. For the borrowers searching for fast working capital in the midst of this time of remorseless financial crisis and can’t fit the bill for the credit-based advances, Equities First provides the best solution for brisk working capital.

Adam Goldenberg: The Improbable Online Fashion Retailer

When Adam Goldenberg co-founded JustFab with Don Ressler, they envisioned selling trendy clothing at affordable prices, however, the company grew beyond being a fashion-forward retailer into a powerhouse of brands with interactive, engaging online shopping portals. When Kate Hudson joined forces with JustFab, she put the company on the social media map on The name JustFab Inc. wasn’t cutting it anyone; the company’s new name, TechStyle Fashion Group, incorporates the company’s technological roots as well as the portfolio of brands, including JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and Fabkids, that make up the former JustFab Inc.

Fabletics, founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013 to offer fashionable, economically priced athletic apparel, had already shipped one million orders by 2015 on As one of TechStyle Fashion Group’s most popular, and most profitable, brands, Fabletics is opening retail stores in malls to compete with Lululemon and Athleta. In addition, Fabletics added plus sizes, which are getting rave reviews on YouTube.

Fortunately for JustFab and ShoeDazzle, Adam Goldenberg’s talents lie in brand promotion and team building on He told Matrix Partners, “When we started this business, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane.” When Goldenberg left MySpace, he knew that he wanted to transform a traditional business model, which he did with JustFab by using the subscription model to sell women’s clothing. Having members login each month kept consumers engaged and the initial fashion quiz helped members to feel like they had a personal stylist. Adam Goldenberg’s brand building experience with Intelligent Beauty, his first company, helped the TechStyle Fashion Group become a billion dollar global brand.


The Best Centers in the NBA Today


Though it is generally considered that the position of center is an outdated and unnecessary role on an NBA squad, many of the game’s best players could make a case for playing that spot.


The following is a list of some of the best NBA centers, followed by a list of several top NBA players who could pass for “the 5”.


1) DeMarcus Cousins, New Orleans

At the top of the list is the temperamental Cousins who recently was traded from Sacramento to the Pelicans. Cousins may have a temper and struggles on defense. But, he is averaging 26.7 points and 10.8 rebounds this season and what will likely be his fourth straight 20-10 season. He is an underrated passer who can get his points on the block, but has also added range to his game (109 3-pointers this season).


2) Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota

Many say he will be the premier man in the near future. Consider that he is a second-year player who doesn’t turn 22 until in November with averages of 24.6 points and 12.8 rebounds in 2016-17. He can shoot (35 percent on 3-pointers, 81.6 FT%), but still is a work in progress on the defensive end (like all the Wolves).


3) Marc Gasol, Memphis

Gasol is a strong defender based on his positioning, but he is averaging a career-high 20.2 points this season. He will never have strong rebounding numbers, but is arguably the best passing big man in the game (4.5 assists per game).


4) Hassan Whiteside, Miami

A late-bloomer, Whiteside is one of the elite big man who is having a career-best season (16.6 points, 14.3 rebounds per game).


Others deserving mention:

DeAndre Jordan, LA Clippers

Brook Lopez, Brooklyn

Andre Drummond, Detroit

Al Horford, Boston


Then, while they may not be the best players in the NBA there are others who are considered power forward/center hybrids:


Anthony Davis, New Orleans

LeMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio

Kevin Love, Cleveland

Kristaps Porzingis, New York

Karl Heideck – A Reliable Litigation Lawyer

If you need a good lawyer for business or professional matter, it is absolutely essential to conduct your research before deciding who to choose. If it is a litigation case, look no further than Karl Heideck – a top rated attorney that focuses on litigation, compliance and and risk management.

Karl Heideck is also experienced in other areas of law including arbitration, intellectual property law, civil ligation, mediation, Westlaw and corporate law.

Every business or organization has legal needs, and will need a legal advisor. For example, you might be facing a lawsuit and need an attorney to help you protect your rights. If you are starting a business you might need assistance with forming your partnership or incorporating.

As the business expands, an attorney can help to review leases and employment contracts. In a breach of contract issue, you will need the services of an attorney who has expertise in business law or litigation.

Finding an experienced business or corporate attorney is crucial. There are several ways to go about it, including getting recommendations and then setting up consultations with potential lawyers.

Karl Heideck is a clear choice for anyone looking for a reliable and reputable lawyer. Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based lawyer with great expertise in risk management, litigation and compliance. Karl Heideck has rendered outstanding legal advice and top notch representation for years and has received raving reviews from clients.

Karl Heideck obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2003, from Swarthmore College. In 2009, he received a Juris Doctor degree from Beasley School of Law, Temple University.

Karl Heideck files lawsuit on behalf of clients, and also represents defendants when there is a legal action against them.

To improve his law practice, Karl Heideck acquired skills in legal research and legal writing.

Organo Gold: Whole And Healthy Coffee

In a world of overly processed items, it is rare to come across something that is organic and healthy. Fortunately, Bernardo Chua has opened up something that is very healthy for people with Organo Gold. Organo Gold is the company that sales a certain nutrient called ganoderma.

This herb is sold through coffee among some other products in the coffee seller. One thing that is for certain is that Organo Gold is one of the companies that are attracting customers and keeping them because of what it has to offer. People have found themselves dropping the other brands of coffee in order to experience the Organo Gold difference.

Bernardo Chua has started his company when he has found that there is a way that people throughout the globe can become healthier. The one way that he has decided on is through the ancient herd grown in Asia. He has always known the health effects of using this herb for certain illnesses and conditions.

As a result, he has decided that he wanted others to experience the benefits that come with ganoderma. So Bernardo has worked with a couple of other people in order to found Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has initially started the selling of his products with the help of independent distributors. These distributors not only had the marketing skills, ut the passion to drive the sales.

They also knew how to talk to people in order to persuade them into giving the brand a chance. When the customers give the brand the chance, they are glad they did.

The only thing they would regret is that they haven’t tried it sooner. Some find it to be so good that they want to spread the word around. Eventually, Organo Gold has become a very successful enterprise that is expanding everywhere.

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Bruno Fagali Delivers Sound Legal Advice

The legal system is a unique system that depends on many aspects of the system working together to provide the best result for any situation. One of the essential aspects of the legal system is the attorney. One of the main reasons why the attorney is essential in the legal system is because the attorney serves as the bridge between the people and the operations of the legal system.

The attorney is the individual in the legal system who represents people in need of legal assistance. The attorney represents people in many ways. One of the ways is by serving as the communicator for people in legal situations such as court cases and handling legal matters. People depend on their attorney for legal representation when a legal situation is in process. Attorneys understand the law and the legal system. This allows attorneys to be able to discuss a legal situation with people and determine what needs to be done regarding the legal matter.

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There are many types of law areas. People in need of legal assistance should always look for an attorney who specializes in the particular type of law in question. While law is the same across the board in any legal system, every area of law has unique aspects that make it special. Attorneys who specialize in specific types of law understand the unique aspects of those types of law.

Bruno Fagali is a practicing attorney in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has several types of law that he specializes in that require a high level of expertise pertaining to those particular types of law. Bruno Fagali has the expertise needed to help people in all the various types of law that he practices.

As an attorney, Bruno Fagali has shown the ability to effectively present legal matters in court. Also, Bruno Fagali has shown the ability to breakdown legal matters in a way that is easy for his clients to understand.